May 20, 2017

My Actual Goal In Life

My Actual Goal In Life

I don't know if it's cliche but as I've been working for almost two years now (I know it's still early but whatever), I realised that I hate to work under other people's command. Though criticism would help us improve our work, the kind like 'Tu pon taktau, kau belajar apa dulu?' really hurts. So I decided that in the end, I WILL BE A BOSS.

If you read my post 'The Love-Hate Relationship' and 'That Once In A Lifetime Chance', you'll probably know that I sometimes still in dilemma between loving my job or hating it. Though I do enjoy my job but believe it or not, to be a professional architect is not my life goal (well, sometimes still contemplating about that).

My actual goal in life; I really really want to state that I want to be a traveller with full time blogging as my career but as far as I could see, it's almost impossible. But who knows what would happen in the future so I'll just leave it here, hoping that if this comes true, I could blog about it, saying 'Yes, I've achieved my dream'.

Looking far into the future with reality in mind, my actual goal in life is to own either an art cafe or a boutique, or maybe both(?), with freelancing doing architecture. I don't know how to cook or make coffee, nor I'm a fashionista tho, lol. I've always had a thing for these two kinds of business so yea.

Before owning any business, I really want to fulfil my parents' dream to see me working as a lecturer, plus it's a job I, myself want to experience too. To achieve this, I need to complete Master study first so wish me luck for my master application! I do plan to become a lecturer in 5 years time and slowly making my business career debut. I plan to own the art cafe/boutique before turning 40.

Of course, along with the life plan, I would travel oversea at least once a year. If some girls define their 'reward yourself' as shopping new handbags and stuff, mine would be travelling!

So that's a wrap of my life plan. Thought I needed to blog about it since I just recently decided what I want to do with my life. Oh, I planned the future without marriage in mind, maybe will get married at the age of 50? Teehee.

What's your life goal? Are you currently working on it?

Till then,


  1. wish you dream comes true Lya..

  2. maybe will get married at the age of 50? Hmm jgn bah. as our women condition in getting pregnant is quite risky. That a huge dream you get Lya and I pray may all your dream comes true. ^^

  3. May your dreams come true!! :D

  4. our dream will come true sooner and sooner.never loose hope k.. (me too ekceli)

  5. I'm aiming for a lecturer.. hehe.. All the best Lya.. May your dreams comes true.. :3

  6. Wish you luck in everything you do Lya �� Your actual goal would be my actual goal too. Tapi itulah Siqah pun rasa itu adalah mustahil. Huhu.

    Good luck in your Master application!! ��������

  7. I did this post though it was actually a "what i'll be in 10 years". the idea was to read it once every first of January. Anyway, this is such a refreshing post. To really make a life plan. You got it all figure up though and everyone know planning is the key. You're so good too trying to accomplish something for your parents and teaching is quite satisfying as well so I hope everything would happen just as you plan. I do want to be my own boss and made writing a career, pray for me as well.