November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016

Wedding Invitation

I've received so many wedding invitations from my friends for the past years. Some of them even got married when they were nineteen (too young for me). Though sometimes I did feel jealous and all but I sincerely am happy for them. Plus, wedding means reunion so I was glad to attend weddings to have that catch-up session with old friends. You know you won't be able to meet these friends until the next friend's wedding. That's why I always make sure to attend my friend's wedding no matter how far the venue is.

To talk about wedding invitation, I love to receive a card for the invitation. One of my friend even crossed the ocean to hand me the card herself (I'm not exaggerating, she lived in an island). I don't really care for how the design of the card but the effort to send me one that counts. It made me feel like we're true friends and I appreciated it.

Apart from the card, a personal text message (read : WhatsApp) also made me feel the same. Since we have technology now, I understand that it's convenience to send text message for an invitation as sending out cards would be troublesome and costing money. For example, one of my friend edited my name to be on the card and texted me the image for invitation to her wedding. This small act was enough to make me feel grateful. 

When I said text message, I mean the personal one. I'm not taking the invitation seriously if it was sent to a group chat and stuff, especially Facebook event. One of my friend, unfortunately did this. I questioned this kind of invitation each time, like I think you weren't sincere to invite me to your wedding, right? 

I'm sure not all of your Facebook friends whom you invited using the event were ACTUALLY your friends. Majority didn't even know you yet you created the event to invite them to the wedding, including me, your ACTUAL REAL friend. Maybe I'm just childish but not feeling special to be invited using the same method of your virtual friends made think twice to go to the wedding and eventually, I decided to not go.

Don't Facebook event for wedding invitation pissed you off? (lain orang, lain cita rasanya so it's okay if you don't agree with me ;))

Till then,

November 27, 2016

November 27, 2016

Dear Parents, Phones Away, Please ?

I went to Secret Recipe earlier today to eat tom yum noodle as I love theirs the most. I can understand for future moms to have certain food they craved for but why the hell am I having constant cravings too? Dear stomach, you're not pregnant! Settled down at a table near the window, I browsed through the menu, not that I'll order something else but it's just a must do, just in case I want some side dishes. 

"One tom yum noodle and chocolate blended please," I finally made my order as I could sense the not-so-friendly waitress was annoyed having to wait for me.

Did I ever tell you that I don't really like kids, especially the noisy and whiny kinds. Thought I could enjoy my meal in peace but there goes my luck, a group of noisy kids, three of them, presumably siblings were all over the place. I mean, one keep running from the door to the back while sometime hitting my table and the other two were bickering, literally shouting at each other. 

Annoyed, I searched for the parents, and there they were, both were glued to their phones, fingers moving vigorously, tapping the screen. The mother did warn the kids a couple of time like, "kakak, duduk diam-diam" but with her eyes STILL GLUED TO THE PHONE while the father didn't bother to do anything. Excuse me parents, is it so important for you scrolling your Facebook timeline rather that to get your kids to behave? You know, you're not at your home.

The boy keep asking the parents random questions, typical kids, but no attention were given to him so that's why he ran around instead. I don't have kids so I might not know the responsibility of a parent but I am a child myself. Even though I'm a grown up but I still want my parents attention, apatah lagi that parents' kids yang rasanya belum masuk sekolah pon lagi. 

I witnessed this incident for almost everywhere. Even though they are parents, they still can't ditch their Instagram feed, and tweet at every single thing happened. Oh, here's and idea for a tweet, 

"I didn't care that my kids were disturbing other people while I'm on twitter because this blue bird thing in this tiny device is more important," sheesh!
Please parents, put away your phones for mere seconds and pay attention to your kids instead.

Till then,

November 24, 2016

November 24, 2016

How Did I Started Blogging?

How Did I Started Blogging?

I love to read entries about 'how did I started blogging'. They inspired me a lot and made me reminiscence of my old days when I first started. It has been quite a while when I had the idea to write an entry about this so here we go~

It was 7 years ago, when I was 16. My English teacher, Ms Mahani, gave us a homework to start a blog, in English, of course. She asked us to at least write once a week about anything and she would monitor those and give us the marks. Its sole purpose was to improve our writing skills in English for a better writing in SPM (I still did poorly despite the interesting method, I'm sorry miss!). However, toward the end of the year, she didn't check the blog anymore. Since I wasn't fond on writing back then, I naturally ditched the blog too.

After quite some time, when it was nearing SPM, my friend who loved reading blogs told me about this one blog, Realiti Konspirasi by Zack Zukhairi. I actually loved his cute drawings more and then slowly I read the writings. His humor in writing and easy going style, like he was conversing with the readers made me fell in love in his writings (too bad he stopped blogging). 

One day after I read Realiti Konspirasi for a while, I decided to write like one. I know I won't be as good as Zack but I want to try nonetheless. So I reopened my blog, got rid of the immature posts, redesign the blog and I started to write again. That's when my passion for writing started to grow. You can read my first ever post here.
Was I doing okay for a first timer?

As a beginner and learned how to grow the blog (improving the contents and writing skill, getting followers, comments, yada yada), I was so excited and wrote so much, like I need to blog about every little things so I wrote up to 3-6 entries per day. Phew, that's a lot! Then, came the commitment of being a uni student and now working life, so I didn't write as much anymore.

Addicted to writing, I even dreamed of being a writer when I grow up but who am I to deny my already written future by Him, right? I draw more instead of writing now, not that I complained, I love my job! But the love for writing also was still there, deep down inside of the drawings ideas so I keep on writing as a hobby, a passionate one. I hope you enjoy reading my passion as I enjoy writing them.

How did you started blogging?

November 23, 2016

November 23, 2016

Wishlist #2 : Travelling

When I started working, I have this idea to save money and go for travelling at the end of the first year. Now that it has already been a year, I guess I've to wait for another year as I failed to do so (*facepalm). The past year had been hectic. I spent my money on bills, my family, shopping, foods (this means hipster cafes) and not to forget useless things I desired on top of things I needed. 

I did went for vacations but just local places so I can't count that as travelling since by travelling I mean, going to other countries, by plane (lama gila tak naik kapal thorrbang, I miss).

Since I failed my mission to travel after a year working, I think I at least should list down the countries I want to visit here so that whenever I open my blog and stumbled upon this entry, I'll be reminded that I should save money to accomplish this mission.

So here are the places I wish to visit next year.

South Korea

Don't blame me, I am a Kpopper so it's always been my dream to visit South Korea. I have a few places in mind to visit especially Busan, Nami Island and Seoul. I hope I'll be lucky enough and bump into any Korean artists, especially Bigbang or Running Man members when I visit Seoul. It's okay to dream big, right? 

Bali, Indonesia

I went to few places in Indonesia before, such as Padang and Medan but I never went to the famous tourist attraction, Bali yet. Being busy with workload, I think I need a relaxing trip for once. I love nature and culture so I think Bali would suit me best for that purpose. I heard sunset at Jimbaran and Tanah Lot was beautiful so I really want to see that. Aside from the beaches and temples, I want to go sunrise hiking on Mount Batur.

Universal Studio Singapore

I've been to Singapore for an architectural trip (it was awesome, I really love the Nanyang Technical University) but I never went to USS yet. I love theme park and I never been to one for ages so I really should go for it in the near future, to satisfy my longing towards the rides, especially roller coaster.

So these three are the places I plan to visit next year. How about you?

November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter series. I read all the books and watched the movies, twice for Deathly Hallows Part 2. I remembered crying at the end of the last book and the last movie. It was so hard to say goodbye to the best series ever. I still am a fan and I don't think I would ever get over Harry Potter. 

This is why I was so excited when I first heard that Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them movie was coming on cinema. I rushed to the bookstore, confirming the book was coming along but I was disappointed to find out that the book wasn't a novel, it's a screenplay instead. But I'll buy it nonetheless because I'm fanatic liddat. 

A few days back I finally had the chance to have a date with Newt Scamander (the hero). I went alone, judging from the photo above, as my friend couldn't make it and I can't wait for another week to watch the movie. Obviously can't go on weekdays sebab kerja.

FBAWTFT is about Newt Scamander, a wizard from London, travels to release one of his beasts to its original home in Arizona. The fantastic beasts were kept in his suitcase, not our ordinary suitcase, of course. Inside of the suitcase was a zoo!

When Newt reached New York however, he accidentally switched his suitcase with a No-Maj's (what they call the American non-wizard, muggle for British), named Jacob Kowalski. The incident made few of Newt's beasts fled to the outside world and accused for the cause of a murdered No-Maj.

FBAWTFT show you the journey of Newt finding his escaped beasts, with the help of Jacob. Of course, it wasn't all as there's also the antagonist characters, and the dark force that was the main reason of the chaos in America, threatening to expose the wizarding community to the world.

They portray the characters so well that I immediately fell in love at the first sight of Newt Scamander. Since FBAWTFT is from the same magical world as HP so I couldn't help but to compare the two main characters. Newt is definitely my bias because he's so cool, having an easy going character.

For a fantasy movie, you can't ignore the CGI, and I assure you wouldn't disappoint with FBAWTFT's. The setting, especially the fantastic beasts were so awesome they looked so real, and beautiful especially yang rupa macam ular plus naga, can't remember its name.

For overall, I give this movie 9/10 rating. If you're a fantasy movie lover, FBAWTFT should be in your must-watch movie list. 

Till then,

November 20, 2016

November 20, 2016


Kedah sky

My own interpretation of insecurities : something you think you're lacking, envious of the person who has it, and it makes you feel down, becoming someone who lack self confidence.

I trust that everyone of you, especially us girls, ada masing-masing punya insecurities. This, includes me. So today I want to share with you my insecurities and how I overcome them, not that I managed to completely overcome them but, yea.


I bukan jenis mulut becok yang senang to get friendly with other people, especially yang baru kenal so I don't really have many friends, thus I'm not in the 'popular' group (I think everyone wants to be in such group of people).

After some time, I realized it's a bless to have few friends who's always been there for you masa you susah dan senang, instead of a bunch fake friends yang cuma nak ambil kesempatan dengan you (read : masa susah, cari, bila senang, tinggal).

p/s : I love you guys, Jiha, Husna, Alia, Najwa and Muni.


Masa zaman uni, I bukan one of those yang pandai, having As for design class, plus lecturers pon asyik kutuk my design. I always, repeat, ALWAYS, compare myself to the As students, which made me felt useless.

Then I sedar tahap kepandaian I and realized that I wouldn't able to beat those As students, so instead of comparing my grades with them, I challenged my old self instead. Let's say if I got B for the particular semester, I work hard to beat that B (in term of marks) rather than terus nak dapat A. Well, I improved a lot when I finally had that mindset.


I'm chubby, so I'm envious of those yang kurus langsing macam lidi. Pimples on my face made me envious of those who are flawless. I'm short, not even reach 5' so I'm jealous of those who are tall, having model-like figure. Having no boys trying to approach me (in a more than friend manner) also made me think that I'm hideous.

Growing up, I started to have this habit of keep telling myself that I indeed am beautiful. I mean, I can't expect people to notice my beauty if I don't feel it myself. To hell with boys, I make myself look beautiful (read : having make up on) to boast my self confidence, and I succeeded.

I learned to love myself instead. I find it to be the most critical point to boast one's self confidence. When you learn to love yourself, you'll appreciate yourself more and started to live life in a more positive manner. This, is what I'm having currently and I'm happy with it.

So do you have any insecurities? How do you handle them?

Till then,

November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

New Me

New Me australia

If you notice the new look of this blog, I'm giving you a virtual hug (*tap tap). Being me, I memang suka nak update you guys about what new things I did, thus the title for today's entry.

The Look

Percaya atau tak, I just recently found out about responsive template for a blog. Basically, it's a template yang ubahsuai ikut your medium of using it. Like, kalau you guna phone, you can view the template muat-muat your phone screen. If using laptop but smaller tab, the writing tetap akan ikut muat-muat skrin. This, yang paling convenience for me sebab dekat office memang akan bukak smaller tab kalau nak online (read : nak mengelat).

It took me about 10 hours finding template yang I suka, yang free, dan edit the blog's appearance. Still couldn't believe I spent that long considering I'm no fan of redesigning the blog. The template was from themexpose and I hope you like it because I do.

The Language

For the past 23 years of being ignorant toward English, I finally decided that I've fallen in love with the language, thank you to myself yang started to read English novels lately. Sebelum ni pon memang I guna rojak Malay-English, but now I'm planning to use the second language more. 

Please note that English is not my forte so it's understandable for grammar or spelling mistakes, no? I'm an amateur learner so bear with me. I hope you (especially loyal readers, if you're out there) wouldn't mind, and hope that explains why I use 'I' instead of 'aku'.

The Photos

Sebelum ni I suka tempek je gambar walaupun blur semacam. I'm no professional photographer, nor do I own a DSLR so my future photos also might not be in the best qualities but I'll try my best to produce one. 

Thing is, I dah couple balik dengan Photoshop so am I doing good with the photo above? (It's mine, not from google!)

Till then,